We trained extensively in Italy because we needed to learn the tradition of authentic Italian gelato before we could improve upon it.

Some background

We met in Italy in 2008 and most of our first dates were at the local gelaterìa. It became a daily obsession. On a trip back to Boulder, we noticed that no one was making authentic Italian gelato. What started as a craving turned into a business idea and, eventually, Fior Gelato.

Training in Italy

We decided to train as much as possible in Italy so we could learn from the best of the best. What we noticed was that, even in Italy, gelato could be improved upon. Most shops use prepared pastes and off-the-shelf mixes to some degree and we knew that wasn't how we wanted to do things. Our dream was to find ways to create our own flavors, making everything from scratch, using the best ingredients we could get our hands on.

When we finally moved back to Boulder, we bought a gelato machine, rented a kitchen, and started experimenting. Hundreds of test batches and thousands of tasting spoons later, we were ready to open Fior di Latte.

Fior Gelato

Fior Gelato started as a wholesale company, supplying restaurants in the Boulder area. But direct interaction with the customers was always more exciting to us and, luckily, we were accepted into The Boulder Farmers Market, considered to be one of the best farmer's markets in the country. The Boulder Farmer's Market was a great stage, not only for testing new flavors and seeing firsthand reactions to the gelato, but also to connect with local producers.

Our fan base grew quickly and we saw that people were grateful to finally have quality gelato in Boulder. The success at the farmer’s market led to Fior Gelato’s first retail shop, on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, in the summer of 2014, and we haven't looked back. We're growing fast as our reputation for quality, healthy gelato–with both traditional and unique flavors–spreads across the country.

Our mission is to serve you the best gelato you've ever tasted.

Giulia, Bryce, Piero, Penelope & Team