We do things differently because we're committed to bringing you the best gelato you've ever tasted.

The gelato we serve was made onsite in our kitchen today.

Yes, we really made it today. Making our gelato fresh gives it a uniquely smooth texture and intensely pure flavor. Because our gelato has less fat than ice-cream and doesn’t use artificial stabilizers, freshness is absolutely essential.

We work with the best local dairy, and never use artificial ingredients.

Working with a local dairy means that we get the best milk and cream around. The cows are treated humanely and never given antibiotics. We've also made a commitment to never use artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring.

Everything is made from scratch, with no off-the-shelf mixes.

It’s not the easiest way to do things but it’s the right way. By making everything from scratch, our flavors are one of a kind and we can carefully source every ingredient so we know exactly what’s going into our gelato.

We make our gelato with lots of love. In other words, we care.

We love our jobs and it shows in everything we do. We’re doing this because an American guy met an Italian girl and they both had the same dream: to bring you the best Italian gelato you’ve ever tasted. We hope we’ve succeeded!